With Auroville's existing production units manufacturing various food, cosmetic, textile, construction and paper products, hemp can supply them all.

The urgent need to develop a sustainable model that can provide for people's needs at the same time as facing the growing threat of climate change and the scarcity of water, mean that hemp is a solution.




Hemplanet is building partnerships all across India and other countries. Hemp industry is one of the fastest growing estimated at $1.5 billion. With an incredible 50,000 different products hemp can produce the market potential is huge. Hemp production will ultimately help improve our planet's climate, securing a greener future for our children.

B.E Hemp India

Our mission at B.E Hemp India is to educate the public about the benefits of the Cannabis plant through our Hemp products. Do join the Circle!

B.E Hemp India


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Himalayan Hemp

Promoting Sustainable Development with smart organic farming, innovation integration, and a fair economic model by utilizing and preserving the indigenous Himalayan Hemp strain.

Uttarakhand HEMP Association
Uttarakhand Hemp Association

UHA envisions to create a sustainable ecosystem of the hemp industry in Uttarakhand which will benefit everyone associated with the hemp revolution specially the people directly connected to the nature.

Kyarki Foundation

We are working with the Neer's families of farmers to explore solutions to hill emigration.


Our mission is to bring about Sustainable Rural Development by informally promoting some of the United Nations SDGs for the villages we will adopt.


Our focus areas are Social Responsibility, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Agrotourism, and Research.


Wildleaf was founded with the notion of utilizing ecologically viable products to create a sustainable and economically resilient model while maintaining and improving the overall quality of the product in terms of consumer usage.


The company primarily focuses on replacing non-biodegradable products with hemp and alternative eco-friendly products.