Hemplanet understands the importance of educating people about the misconceptions and stigmatisation surrounding the cannabis plant.

We attend events, festivals, fairs and markets where we display raw hemp materials and a selection of hemp based products in order to illustrate the amazing variety of applications that can be made from just the one plant.

People get the chance to touch hempcrete bricks and hemp fabric, smell and taste roasted hemp seeds and hempseed milk as well as feel hemp paper and hemp soap.

Hemplanet also produces short educational films. As well as providing information and facts, the films celebrate the wonderful versatility that the hemp plant can offer.


" A GREEN ECONOMY based on a hemp multi-industry complex that can provide income for farmers in every state.... thousands of new products generating tens of thousands of sustainable new jobs. Hemp energy farming will become the backbone of a trillion dollar a year non-polluting energy production industry. And the petroleum corporations need not fear this for their expertise, hardware and manpower are vital to turn the farmers’ raw biomass into refined fuels.

These projections represent a tremendous boon to our flagging economy that can be realized as a by-product of saving our world from human induced biocide. If we as a society have the courage and determination to set upon this bold path to planetary restoration, we can, in our life times, leave a healthier world to our children; and a lifestyle based on renewable resources in a balanced ecosystem that our children can leave to their children for generations to come. "

Lynn Osburn

Why Hemp?

With Auroville's existing production units manufacturing various food, cosmetic, textile, construction and paper products, hemp can supply them all.

The urgent need to develop a sustainable model that can provide for people's needs at the same time as facing the growing threat of climate change and the scarcity of water, mean that hemp is a solution.

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The mission of the Auroville Hemp Research Institute (A.H.R.I) is to promote and facilitate research and sustainable development for the growth of hemp and production of hemp related products through education, research and advocacy in order to manifest cooperation, sustainability and community.

Let us know what part of the hemp industry interests you.

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