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The Auroville Hemp Research Institute offers workshops in hemp construction, hemp paper making and hemp food production. The workshops are designed to share practical and innovative knowledge about industrial hemp. Participants will not just gain insight into hemp’s potential but also learn practical skills that can be shared and replicated in a simple, practical, and sustainable way at the local (do-it-yourself) level. Knowledge is Power, and by sharing knowledge, we grow together. 

Learn how to make hemp paper

This workshop is aimed at introducing participants to the ancient art of paper making. Participants will be instructed on how to prepare hemp fibers, make pulp, form sheets, etc. and will try their hands at different stages of the paper making process. This workshop is a learning experience and a creative one for people who like to experiment in a state of calm and sense of well being.


Workshop objectives include instructing participants on how to make paper at home using garden plants and producing a collection of handmade papers which participants will keep. All materials and equipment will be supplied during the workshop and certificates will be presented to participants upon completion.


Workshop schedule: Two (2) days Mornings from 9:30 to 12:00 and afternoons from 13:30 to 16:00


Day 1: Preparing, cooking, and washing the plant fibers; A short tour of the factory; Learning and practicing sheet forming, couching, and lifting using cotton pulp; Learning how to make an inclusion and create unique artistic papers by placing decorative plants and flowers between layers of pulp; Pressing and drying of finished papers.

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