Hemplanet aims to transition the international township of Auroville into a hemp-based economy, where farmers, manufacturers, consumers and the environment all reap the benefits.

We want to show how hemp can clothe, feed and shelter us, as well as provide for paper, soap and medicine, etc. helping us towards a truly self-sustainable future.



Hemplanet understands the need to educate people about the misconceptions surrounding the cannabis plant.

We attend events, festivals, fairs and markets where we display raw hemp materials and a selection of hemp based products in order to illustrate the amazing variety of applications that can be made from just the one plant.

People get the chance to touch hempcrete bricks and hemp fabric, smell and taste roasted hemp seeds and hempseed milk as well as feel hemp paper and hemp soap.

Hemplanet also produces short educational films. As well as providing information and facts, the films celebrate the wonderful versatility that the hemp plant can offer.



Hemplanet, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101

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